Fast Connection is the follow up to a book I loved earlier this year – Strong Signal. I fell in love with that book so hard so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book and I know my book friends have been as well. Book 2 can be a hard thing to do when book 1 was so wonderful but this pair of authors did not disappoint at all!

Dominic and Luke are two bisexual men who have both served in the Army. We met Dominic briefly in Strong Signal on the base and I was wondering how they’d develop this character into someone we cared about. But they succeeded in this so well! One of my favorite things in books is any form of epistolary romances and in contemporary books a lot of this takes form in texts and messenger apps. Fast Connection has this from very early on when Dominic meets Luke on a hookup app and they exchange messages through out the book. As soon as I realized this was going to carry on I knew this was going to be wonderful!

Luke: I’m not married. I’m divorced.

Staff Sgt.: So also bisexual?

Luke: Yes.

Staff Sgt.: Hell Yeah! Bisexual Squad of Staten Island! We should make a FB Page.

The two may have some things in common but they couldn’t be more different in other ways. Dominic has this awesome smartass optimism about him but at the same time he is kind of stuck with where he is in life so he’s trying to figure things out. Luke is in a totally different place in his life being divorced and at peace with who he is but not so much with integrating his potential dating life into his family life. The two of them together should maybe not work but it really does. I was laughing so hard at the combination of Dominic’s personality and Luke’s dry sarcasm.

I loved the realistic portrayal of Dominic’s imperfect family. It’s not a good situation but it’s not cut and dry either and it’s done really well. Garrett and Kai from the first book also make a few appearances in this book – just enough to make me happy but not too much to take over the show.

I never get how two authors can combine to write such a wonderful book. I’ve only read a few that can pull it off so seamlessly. Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell manage to do this in such a way that I would love to know their process in writing these book! I can only hope they join forces to write more.



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 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Fast Connection

Author: Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

Release Date: July 11th , 2016

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