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April 2016

Ten Questions with Debbie Viguié

We welcome Debbie Viguié for today’s Ten Questions installment. Viguié is the New York Times bestselling author of three dozen novels including the Wicked series, Crusade series and the Wolf Springs Chronicles series co-authored with Nancy Holder. Debbie writes thrillers including The Psalm 23 Mysteries, Kiss trilogy and the Witch Hunt trilogy. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Debbie Viguié”

Re-Read: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Sometimes you just need to re-read an old favorite. I’ve been in a book slump starting then abandoning book after book because nothing was grabbing me, finally I just gave up for a few days. Then the other night I decided to try again and while flipping through my Kindle library I stumbled upon A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book I’ve loved each time I’ve read it. But this time I started to wonder–is each read the same? Continue reading “Re-Read: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”

Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!

While the adult coloring book fad isn’t exactly new, that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about one of our favorite pastimes. Tiny books, large collections, literary based, abstract art, books for all ages, and some definitely not for kids–we love them all! Continue reading “Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!”

Book Review: As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman

Title: As Night Falls

Author: Jenny Milchman

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

In her isolated home in the shadowy woods, Sandy Tremont prepares dinner after a fight with her daughter, Ivy. Upstairs, the fifteen-year-old keeps her distance from her mother. Sandy’s husband, Ben, a wilderness guide, arrives late to find a home simmering with unease. Nearby, two desperate men are on the run. Continue reading “Book Review: As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman”

Book Review: That Darkness by Lisa Black

Title: That Darkness

Author: Lisa Black

Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

An interesting read but something was missing. Continue reading “Book Review: That Darkness by Lisa Black”

Ten Questions with KJ Charles

Today’s 10 Questions installment features KJ Charles. KJ Charles is a writer and freelance editor. She lives in London with her husband, two kids, an out-of-control garden and an increasingly murderous cat. KJ writes mostly romance, gay and straight, frequently historical, and usually with some fantasy or horror in there. Continue reading “Ten Questions with KJ Charles”

Charlotte Bronte 200 Years Later

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” 
― Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

Charlotte was born April 21, 1826 the third of six children and the eldest of the trio of Bronte sister authors. Her works include the novels Villette, Shirley, and one of my all time favorites, Jane Eyre in addition to a collection of short works and poetry. At the time I’m sure that Bronte did not think that 200 years after her birth we’d still be reading her work, but with lines like this who could resist. Continue reading “Charlotte Bronte 200 Years Later”

GIVEAWAY: $10 Amazon Gift Card

Who likes giveaways?! The Bookish Ladies do! So we are giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky follower.

Continue reading “GIVEAWAY: $10 Amazon Gift Card”

Book Review: Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

Title: Kaleidoscope Hearts

Author: Claire Contreras

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Unsurprisingly I like to read reviews before I read certain books. This book had been on my Kindle for a while so I looked up the reviews before I started reading and it had a ton of 5 star reviews, citing one of my favorite tropes – the brother’s best friend. Which just served to make me pretty excited to start it. I was a little surprised when I did and realized the MC was a widow. But I just expected/hoped that meant there might be even more depth to this novel than I was originally thinking there would be.  Continue reading “Book Review: Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras”

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