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BookExpo 2017: Books, authors, crowds, and more books

It’s early June and I have bruises on my shoulders from carrying tote bags full of books–it must be BookExpo season! This year’s BookExpo was a bit different than it has been the last few years, and not just because they dropped the “America” from their name Continue reading “BookExpo 2017: Books, authors, crowds, and more books”

Bookworm Problems


Please forgive the randomness of this post but after not posting for weeks I figured you deserved at least some explanation as to why.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve felt like I was one bad book or one distraction away from slipping into an epic book slump and, until recently, I was able to fend it off but in the end it got the better of me…and I blame Melinda for at least part of it, lol!
Continue reading “Bookworm Problems”

Audio Book Review: Norse Mythology

Neil Gaiman wrote a new book. That was pretty much all I need to know before making a buying decision but, even though it was an instabuy, I didn’t expect it to leave me wondering if this was the perfect audiobook. Continue reading “Audio Book Review: Norse Mythology”

Book Review: Echoes in Death by JD Robb

A few weeks ago I was having the crappiest day ever at work and just when I’d decided that pulling the fire alarm so that we could close early was a viable option, the UPS guy dropped off a promo box with an advanced copy of Echoes in Death. Continue reading “Book Review: Echoes in Death by JD Robb”

Looking Ahead: Our Most Anticipated Books of 2017

Another year has come to an end and the Bookish Ladies are looking forward to a new year and ever growing TBRs. What are we looking forward to in 2017? Well, we’ll tell you. Continue reading “Looking Ahead: Our Most Anticipated Books of 2017”

Looking Back: Our Favorite Reads of 2016

As we come to the end of another year, the Bookish Ladies decided to take a look back and choose a few of our favorite reads of 2016.

Continue reading “Looking Back: Our Favorite Reads of 2016”

More Gifts for the Bookish

Looking for a special gift for the book lover in your life? Need ideas to add to your wishlist? Just looking to buy yourself a present? Well whatever your reason to shop, we can help! This series of posts are a compilation of some of our favorite items sure to please any bookworm. Continue reading “More Gifts for the Bookish”

I Decided Curling Up With a Good Book is More Fun Than Being Responsible–and You Reap the Benefits


Sometimes the best remedy for a long, crazy day is to ignore all your adult responsibilities and just curl up with a good book. Continue reading “I Decided Curling Up With a Good Book is More Fun Than Being Responsible–and You Reap the Benefits”

What’s On Your Bookworm Bucket List?

To have tea with Jane Austen? To live in a house with an autochef? To sit in on a meeting of the Pickwick Club? What is on your bookworm bucket list? Continue reading “What’s On Your Bookworm Bucket List?”

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