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More Gifts for the Bookish

Looking for a special gift for the book lover in your life? Need ideas to add to your wishlist? Just looking to buy yourself a present? Well whatever your reason to shop, we can help! This series of posts are a compilation of some of our favorite items sure to please any bookworm. Continue reading “More Gifts for the Bookish”

Gifts for the Bookish: Wear Your Favorite Book

I’ve recently been given an excuse to update my wardrobe and I’ve decided to give it a particularly bookish spin (think modern-vintage-geeky-librarian-chic). Not surprisingly I’ve found a plethora of wonderful items and thought I’d share them with you.  Continue reading “Gifts for the Bookish: Wear Your Favorite Book”

Book Review: Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders

It’s no secret that I have a tiny obsession with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and all things related to it. What may be less well known is that I also collect cookbooks of all kinds, so when Outlander Kitchen was announced I knew I just had to add it to my library. Continue reading “Book Review: Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders”

Gifts for the Bookish: Back to School Edition

As schools start up across the country it’s a great time to indulge the book nerd in all of us. Do you need a new planner or calendar? Some bookish stationary? How about some fun book related accessories? Whatever’s on your shopping list, you’re going to love what we’ve found for you this time.  Continue reading “Gifts for the Bookish: Back to School Edition”

Happy National Coloring Book Day!

Jess informed me that today is National Coloring Book day! And since I love coloring we thought we’d do another coloring post and a general celebration of all things coloring related since there’s a whole day around this now. Continue reading “Happy National Coloring Book Day!”

Sunday Comics: Mouse Guard by David Petersen

“In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.”

I’m happy to introduce our newest ongoing feature, Sunday Comics, a semimonthly series focusing on comic books, graphic novels, and other stories told through a combination of visual and written media. Continue reading “Sunday Comics: Mouse Guard by David Petersen”

Litsy: The Perfect Marriage between Goodreads and Instagram?

One of my favorite parts of BEA is finding out about what’s new in the bookish world. One of my top finds of this year was Litsy, a new app that looks like it has the potential to be my new favorite social media experience. Continue reading “Litsy: The Perfect Marriage between Goodreads and Instagram?”

The Kindle Oasis a Hands on Review

Are you thinking of buying a Kindle Oasis? Do you already have one and want to hear what other’s think? Well you’ve come to the right place! Continue reading “The Kindle Oasis a Hands on Review”

Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!

While the adult coloring book fad isn’t exactly new, that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about one of our favorite pastimes. Tiny books, large collections, literary based, abstract art, books for all ages, and some definitely not for kids–we love them all! Continue reading “Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!”

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