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Ten Questions

Ten Questions with Pasha Adam

When I reviewed Pasha Adam’s Keep Santa Monica Clean earlier this week I teased our readers about his upcoming Ten Questions interview. The wait is over! Please put your hands together and help Bookish Devices welcome Pasha Adam! *applause*

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Ten Questions with Rena Olsen

By day she’s a school therapist. By night she’s a writer. Please put your hands together for Rena Olsen! *applause* Olsen is the latest victim, umm I mean author 😉 to visit Bookish Devices for Ten Questions. Her debut novel THE GIRL BEFORE is available now and is a must read. Check out her interview first. Then head off and pick up your copy of THE GIRL BEFORE!  Continue reading “Ten Questions with Rena Olsen”

Ten Questions with Ross Klavan

Ross Klavan is the person you always wanted to be. At least I feel this way. His novel, “Shmuck”, was published in 2014 and he recently finished the screenplay for “The Colony” based on the book by John Bowers. He has a vast past in writing screenplays, doing voiceovers, and covers stories as a reporter for New York City and London, England. Can you also recognize him by his television and radio commercials?
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Ten Questions with Nic Joseph

Nic Joseph joins Bookish Devices today for Ten Questions. She’s a brand new author whose first book – Boy, 9, Missing – released in September 2016. If her future books are as good as this debut then we’ve got an excellent author on our hands.  Continue reading “Ten Questions with Nic Joseph”

Ten Questions with Charles Salzberg

Charles Salzberg is a gifted writer and, like his co-conspirators for the novel, “Triple Shot”, hails from New York City (my home town).  I was excited to be offered their book in exchange for an honest review, and can’t be more happy to promote this Ten Questions post. Don’t be fooled. This writer has a list of books and teaches for New York Writers Workshop. If you want to live vicariously through this man’s experiences, check out his books. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Charles Salzberg”

Ten Questions with Amanda Ortlepp

We are joined for Ten Questions today by Amanda Ortlepp. Ortlepp is an Australian based author of two novels, Claiming Noah and Running Against the Tide. I’ve read Claiming Noah and enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it, do it now! You won’t regret it, I promise. Running Against the Tide has not been released in the US yet, but it will definitely be on my TBR list when it does. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Amanda Ortlepp”

Ten Questions with Tim O’Mara

Tim O’Mara isn’t a newbie to writing. He’s the author of the Raymond Donne Mysteries, which I look forward to reading and reviewing very, very soon. In the book “Triple Shot”, Mr. O’Mara balances his narrator’s smuggling and selling marijuana with the same issues with plain old cigarettes. But do illegal automatic weapons count?
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Ten Questions with Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey is the writer of “Between Black and White” that I will review next week. His debut novel, “The Professor”, won the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Award for legal thriller of the year and was an Amazon bestseller, spending several weeks at #1 in the legal thriller category. I requested the 10 Questions from this author because of how invested I became in “Between Black and White”. Bailey’s writing is compelling, as are his responses to our 10 Questions.

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A Change of Heart by Sonali Dev: A Book Review, Blog Tour, Giveaway, Interview, and an Umm Interesting Conversation

This post is going to be on the long side so I’m going to do away with the catchy intros and just jump right in. This week Melinda and Jessica are participating in the blog tour for A Change of Heart by one of their favorite authors, Sonali Dev. We’ve got a silly story of two bloggers, a review, an interview with the author, and, if you make it all the way to the end, a giveaway! Fun right! We think so 🙂  Continue reading “A Change of Heart by Sonali Dev: A Book Review, Blog Tour, Giveaway, Interview, and an Umm Interesting Conversation”

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