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Ten Questions

Ten Questions with Rowan Coleman

All the way from Hertfordshire! Put your hands together for Rowan Coleman who joins us today for Ten Questions. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Rowan Coleman”

Ten Questions with Sonali Dev

This week’s Ten Questions features an author who you may remember from Jess and Melinda’s fangirl squeeing, Sonali Devthe author of a soon-to-be trio of women’s fiction novels with a distinctly Bollywood twist. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Sonali Dev”

Ten Questions with Jenny Milchman

Over the years NetGalley has introduced me to many new authors. One of those authors, Jenny Milchman, joins us today for Ten Questions. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Jenny Milchman”

Ten Questions with Debbie Macomber

After a brief summer break, Ten Questions is back! Bookish Devices is pleased to welcome Debbie Macomber for today’s installment. *applause*

Continue reading “Ten Questions with Debbie Macomber”

Ten Questions with Lisa Ricard Claro

I’m so glad that Lisa reached out to Bookish Devices regarding her books Love Built to Last and Love to Believe. If she hadn’t I don’t know if I ever would have discovered her Fireflies series. And I’m in LOVE! Continue reading “Ten Questions with Lisa Ricard Claro”

Ten Questions with Elle Kennedy

I’m a big fan of Elle Kennedy – she’s such a prolific author! It seems that she can write in pretty much whatever genre she would like and be successful. I can’t decide which of her books are my favorite, on any given day it changes. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Elle Kennedy”

Ten Questions with Craig Lancaster

Have you met Edward? No?! Then let me introduce you. Edward is a man in is late 30s with Asperger’s syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Edward is a wonderful, funny man. A fantastic character created by Craig Lancaster. Edward’s creator, Lancaster joins us today for Ten Questions. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Craig Lancaster”

Ten Questions with Lisa Lutz

Lisa Lutz is the New York Times bestselling author of nine novels, including The Passenger, How to Start a Fire, six novels in the Spellman books series, and Heads You Lose, co-authored with David Hayward. She is also the author of the children’s book, How to Negotiate Everything. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Lisa Lutz”

Ten Authors One Question: Volume Four

In the final installment of our Ten Questions @ Book Expo America special event, we feature ten more authors including David Levithan, Marissa Meyer, and Gayle Forman plus a bonus extra from Justin Cronin! Instead of our usual author Q&A we’ve asked the authors we’ve spoken to at BEA to answer one simple question:

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WORD? Continue reading “Ten Authors One Question: Volume Four”

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