Although I may spend most of my time talking about books and bookish things (or so my husband says), the Bookish Devices bloggers and I are not professional reviewers nor are we financially compensated for reviews or discussions of books and other products. If we receive a complementary product or book to review we will state so in our write up. Giving us something for free does not change our rating or review. All opinions are our own and are for entertainment only. This site is not monetized and we do not use affiliate links.

How do we decide on our reviews? What should you expect from them?

Simply put–we review things we choose to read, post about things we personally own, would like to own, or find interesting. While we are all friends and quite often read the same books, our tastes do differ so you’ll see quite a range of conversations here. Some fun and casual, others detailed and more in depth but hopefully all interesting and entertaining.

We enjoy books from many genres and actively try to read and review works from a diverse and inclusive group of authors.

We rate on a scale of 0-5 with 1/2 marks for when we just can’t decide.

0–I’m only wasting my time reviewing this because I feel that others need to be warned.

1–Not really my cup of tea.

2–Meh. I managed to finish it but that’s about the best thing I can say about it.

3–Meet your average book. Not wonderful, not terrible. I enjoyed it but I’m not rushing out to read more from this author immediately.

4–I may be falling in love with you. I truly enjoyed this book and may have even lost a bit of sleep because of it.

5–Is it possible to marry a book? No? I suppose I’ll just have to settle for reading it over and over again.

If you are a publisher, author, creator or owner of anything we write about and would like to suggest an edit, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at jess (at) bookishdevices (dot) com Please note, we are not accepting requests for book reviews at this time.

One disclosure,  Jess works at a bookstore but this blog is entirely separate from that and any opinions expressed here are her own. No she won’t tell you what store it is. Sorry.