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June 2016

Book Review: Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

This book marks a new series from one of my favorites, Sarina Bowen. It’s set in Vermont and focuses on outdoorsy men and farming. Griff is definitely the hottest farmer I’ve ever read about,  not that I’ve read about many! But now I really want to read about more because Bowen does what she does best here – weaves in witty banter, sexual chemistry, and then manages to teach a few things at the same time. Continue reading “Book Review: Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen”

Book Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

With each turn of the page I found myself holding my breath.
Continue reading “Book Review: Finders Keepers by Stephen King”

Giveaway: Signed & Personalized copy of The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz

Tiffany Reisz has written some of the hottest and well written romantic erotica books I’ve ever read in her Original Sinners series. The Bourbon Thief is no different in that it’s just as well written and draws you in right from the beginning, even though it’s in a different genre. Fans of Reisz won’t be disappointed and here’s your chance to enter a giveaway! Continue reading “Giveaway: Signed & Personalized copy of The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz”

Book Review: Forevermore by Kristen Callihan

Just like with Elle Kennedy, who I reviewed last week, I love Kristen Callihan’s work in many different forms. But her Paranormal Romance books are how I was introduced to her and what I love the most from her. This is the last in her Darkest London series and while I’m sad to see them end, I’m also happy she didn’t draw them out forever as ending on a high note is key. And this is such a high note for these books! Continue reading “Book Review: Forevermore by Kristen Callihan”

Book Review: All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Well written and suspenseful, All the Missing Girls gives readers not one but two mysteries to solve. Continue reading “Book Review: All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda”

Sunday Comics: Dark Night A True Batman Story by Paul Dini with Eduardo Risso

I vaguely remember reading something, last year maybe, about Paul Dini writing a Batman story based on events that happened to him in real life. It sounded like an interesting premise and I like Paul Dini (who doesn’t) so I thought, yeah I should read that. Then, in testament to my internet overstimulated brain, I promptly forgot all about it. Until a few days ago when Jim hands me Dark Night. I took a quick look at the cover and was like “ooooh a Paul Dini Batman story? Awesome!” “Um no. It’s not that kind of book,” Jim said, “it’s the book he wrote about his mugging. You want to read this.” Continue reading “Sunday Comics: Dark Night A True Batman Story by Paul Dini with Eduardo Risso”

Book Review: Mr. Darcy’s Journey by Abigail Reynolds

The day a favorite author announces the release date for their latest novel is one of those wonderful bookworm moments–this book is real and is finally coming! Then there are the days, weeks, months of anticipation all leading up to the day that we (not so) patiently await delivery, those of us choosing a digital copy often waiting til the wee hours of the morning for our Kindles (Nooks etc) to update. And then, just when you think you can’t wait any longer–it arrives! Continue reading “Book Review: Mr. Darcy’s Journey by Abigail Reynolds”

Ten Questions with Elle Kennedy

I’m a big fan of Elle Kennedy – she’s such a prolific author! It seems that she can write in pretty much whatever genre she would like and be successful. I can’t decide which of her books are my favorite, on any given day it changes. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Elle Kennedy”

Book Review: Addicted by Elle Kennedy

I won a paperback ARC from the publisher a few weeks ago and just about lost my bookish mind with excitement when I did! I’m a total fangirl for Elle Kennedy in all her many permutations as an author. She writes pretty amazing New Adult sport books I love, M/M romance with Sarina Bowen that I love, YA drama filled books with Jen Frederick that I love (can you sense a theme here?) but I fell in love with her as an author with her adult romances. And very adult romances they are! Continue reading “Book Review: Addicted by Elle Kennedy”

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