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Book Review: Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders

It’s no secret that I have a tiny obsession with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and all things related to it. What may be less well known is that I also collect cookbooks of all kinds, so when Outlander Kitchen was announced I knew I just had to add it to my library. Continue reading “Book Review: Outlander Kitchen by Theresa Carle-Sanders”

Happy National Coloring Book Day!

Jess informed me that today is National Coloring Book day! And since I love coloring we thought we’d do another coloring post and a general celebration of all things coloring related since there’s a whole day around this now. Continue reading “Happy National Coloring Book Day!”

Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!

While the adult coloring book fad isn’t exactly new, that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about one of our favorite pastimes. Tiny books, large collections, literary based, abstract art, books for all ages, and some definitely not for kids–we love them all! Continue reading “Sharpen Those Pencils and Break Out the Crayons, it’s Coloring Book Time!”

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