This book marks a new series from one of my favorites, Sarina Bowen. It’s set in Vermont and focuses on outdoorsy men and farming. Griff is definitely the hottest farmer I’ve ever read about,  not that I’ve read about many! But now I really want to read about more because Bowen does what she does best here – weaves in witty banter, sexual chemistry, and then manages to teach a few things at the same time.

It just amazes me that in this book Bowen was able to put in so much attention to detail regarding farm life and how small farms are surviving financially in this time period. And while that sentences *sounds* like it should be boring it manages to be so distinctly the opposite. While Griff is dealing with farming from his family farm perspective, the heroine, Audrey, is dealing with it from the restaurant and sourcing perspective. I truly enjoyed learning more about these from both sides. Bowen managed to do the impossible and make me learn something, make it enjoyable and make me not realize it. To me that gives her book such substance that you don’t find in many books!

Beyond the learning fun things I pretty much love everything else about this book! Audrey and Griff have the best chemistry together. Even though they have a not so great history, when they meet again the sexual tension seems off the charts right away. Audrey and Griff both have such a vulnerable side even though they’re both so tough on the outside. Audrey may not have been the most likeable but I liked her from the beginning. There is no extraneous drama trying to cause misunderstandings. A few times when I thought things were going that way – nope, not so much which made the book that much better for me.

“It’s been…interesting.”
“Aw.” He actually rolled his eyes. “Interesting? That’s the review I get? I’m pretty sure the earth moved.”
“Well…” My cheeks heated. “You’re the farmer. It’s your job to notice the earth.”

One of the things I love about Bowen’s books is her side characters and families she writes. Her side characters are always strong. A lot of times it will be a group of friends, in this it’s the farm hands that work there. I loved them! Hopefully they will all be getting their own book – at the very least Jude will be next month (YAY). But the best for me is Griff’s family, they were simply wonderful. Funny, supporting, and loving, I want them to be my family!

Rating: 5 Stars

Book: Bittersweet

Author: Sarina Bowen

Reviewer: Melinda

Release Date: June 21st, 2016

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