A few weeks ago I was having the crappiest day ever at work and just when I’d decided that pulling the fire alarm so that we could close early was a viable option, the UPS guy dropped off a promo box with an advanced copy of Echoes in Death.


When I opened the box and found not only the book, but an NYPSD t-shirt I literally squeed–then recontemplated the fire alarm thing since I obviously needed to go home and read. And although I sadly had to wait until that night to start the book, it was well worth the wait.

In this latest installment of the In Death series, we see Eve and her NYPSD team find justice for yet another series of victims, some of which have “got dead” and the usual crew are there to back her up, Peabody, Mira, McNab, and of course Roarke. I’m not going to go into plot details here because if you’ve been reading this series you’re now 44+ books in and I think you know what to expect. (If you haven’t read the books before, don’t start with this one. Run, don’t walk, and start with Naked in Death. The series is fantastic and technically the books can be read in any order BUT it should really be read from the beginning if you can). Fans of the series will be well pleased with Echoes in Death. The criminal investigation part of the story was solid, and hit all the right notes. Although I had my suspicions of who the murderer was, I wasn’t 100% sure until the reveal and that’s the way I like it, I don’t want to be clueless but I don’t want it to be too obvious either. The personal storyline was also pretty much perfect. Eve and Roarke are as wonderful a couple as ever, and I really enjoy seeing their relationship grown in each novel.

All in all, Echoes in Death is a solid 4 star read. JD Robb/Nora Roberts has hit a home run in her Macmillan debut–not that we expected anything less.


Rating:   4 stars

Reviewer: Jess

Title: Echoes in Death

Author: JD Robb

Release Date: February 7, 2017

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