Good Boy is a spin-off from one of my favorite male/male books ever – Him and the follow up Us. If you’ve read those (and really, if you haven’t GO NOW) then you’re familiar with the wonderful Jamie and Wes. As well as my favorite Blake, their neighbor. Good Boy is the story of Blake and Jess, who happens to be Jamie’s sister.

The beginning of Good Boy has us getting to see Wes and Jamie’s wedding. And I’m SO GLAD we got to! I would have been really upset to miss out on their special day – I absolutely shed a tear or two to get to see these two swap beautiful vows. The authors managed to be both touching and funny at turns, which I was really not surprised at after reading the first two books. You won’t be disappointed in this wedding!

What we also get is Blake revisiting Jess…to her complete dismay. I just love Blake. He’s kind of oblivious in a gentle giant kind of way. But he’s also really not stupid at all. He knows what he wants and doesn’t see any reason not to go after it. So when Jess has an objection Blake simply finds a way around it or a way to make her happy.

I liked Jess and I got why she had objections to Blake – basically because she didn’t want to ever disappoint her family again. She’s tired of being ‘that one’ in the family and is bound to have this be the year she changes their opinion of her so can’t let Blake possibly distract her. But he manages to get under her skin as only he can.

I found this book to be really funny and exactly what I needed in terms of romantic comedy!

Rating:  4 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Good Boy (WAGs #1)

Author: Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Release Date: January 31, 2017

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