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Looking Back: Our Favorite Reads of 2015

Best of 2015


As we come to the end of another year, the Bookish Ladies decided to take a look back and choose a few of our favorite reads of 2015. A mix of bestsellers, debut indie authors, fiction, non-fiction, romance, thriller and everything in between. Some made us laugh, others made us cry, and I’m pretty sure a more than a few can be blamed for lost sleep and unproductive work days but all of them were wonderful books and we’re happy to share them with you.

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Butterfly in the Sky…



Unknown-2 Where should I even start? Reading Rainbow is probably the TV show I remember and cherish most from my childhood. I can still list my favorite stories and celebrity guests. I remember wanting a pet pig just so I could name him Perfect, hoping that my own paintbrushes would suddenly become magical like Liang’s, and trying to convince my father to make us fruit stew for dinner. Reading Rainbow was one of the best shows public television has ever given us and as an adult I realize that much of it has to do with the commitment of LeVar Burton himself. An advocate for literacy for more than 30 years, Mr. Burton and Reading Rainbow have launched a Kickstarter to fund a large scale attempt to improve childhood literacy rates. I’ve supported it not only because I’m a fan, but because I see this as a way to thank Mr. Burton and Reading Rainbow for all the joy they gave me and hopefully help them give that same gift to others. Maybe you can help too? I think it’s valuable–but you don’t have to take my word for it 🙂


Revisiting Wonderful Book Memories–The Baby-Sitters Club

When I saw that Ann M. Martin was going to be appearing at Book Expo America/Book Con this week the little girl in me let out a shout of excitement. When I was in elementary school these were my absolute favorite books. I read them all over and over, even when I was really just a bit to old for them. Maybe this explains my adult love for YA novels? Continue reading “Revisiting Wonderful Book Memories–The Baby-Sitters Club”

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