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Book Review: Half Past by Victoria Helen Stone

While my preferred genre is romance to read, I do branch out occasionally and read a wide variety of genres and lately I’ve been reading a ton of suspense. So I figured what would be better than a suspense written by a romance writer? Under the name Victoria Dahl she writes funny romances that I generally love. She decided to branch out and didn’t want to have readers get confused when they got something darker so chose a different pen name for these. Continue reading “Book Review: Half Past by Victoria Helen Stone”

Book Review: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

This book is a murder mystery, but not. It’s not a YA novel by any means but it concentrates largely on teen characters. You Will Know Me has a little of everything – family drama, sports, murder and above all, really great writing. Continue reading “Book Review: You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott”

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