What is the best way for a book nerd to spend a Friday night? With her favorite author, of course!

I guess the secret is out now … Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author. When Karen announced her “A Night with Karen Kingsbury & Family” tour I knew I had to go. Two of the tour stops were within driving distance. I immediately bought a ticket to one and made plans to attend.

On Friday I made the 4-hour drive to Indian Trail, NC. It was a wonderful evening! Karen brought along two of her sons, Tyler and Sean; her daughter, Kelsey and her son-in-law, Kyle. Tyler lead us in worship, Sean (one of Karen’s adopted sons from Haiti) gave his testimony, Kelsey and Kyle talked about their book The Chase, Kyle sang several of his songs (he’s a Christian recording artist and former member of the band Anthem Lights) and Karen shared some inspiration with us. Tyler, Kyle and Kelsey have fabulous singing voices and Sean’s testimony had me fighting back the tears. Karen is a fantastic story teller … in her books as well as on the stage when sharing personal stories. It’s so much fun to listen to her tell a story! Her delivery of the story leaves a lasting impression.

With the purchase of a VIP ticket I was given opportunity to meet Karen. This was my third opportunity to meet Karen. It always amazes me that she remembers me by name. ME?! It’s enough to make this fan geek out! Karen and her family are such a joy to be around and are genuinely nice people. I look forward to the next opportunity to see them. This trip was also the chance to see some old friends again and make some new friends too! Book friends are the best friends 🙂


If you have the opportunity to attend one of the events, DO IT! There are a few more stops left on the tour. You can find a full list here.


Who is Karen Kingsbury and why does Jennifer keep blogging about her? You can find Karen on Facebook, Twitter and the web. Want to try your first Karen Kingsbury book? Give Angels Walking, Chasing Sunsets, Unlocked, One Tuesday Morning or Redemption a try.