Title: Unraveled

Author: Jen Frederick

Narrators: Stella Bloom, Andrew Eiden

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

So this is just a Jen Frederick happy week! I know I just reviewed Paper Princess yesterday but coincidentally I also finished Unraveled on audio around the same time and wanted to get my review up for it sooner rather than later, so let’s just consider this Jen Frederick week okay? I’ve read Unraveled when it first came out back in January 2014 and loved it so when I found out the whole Woodlands series were being released on audio I was ridiculously excited. If you like audiobooks you should be excited too!

You might be thinking um why would you possibly listen to an audiobook if you’ve already read the book you crazy book obsessed woman? (Yes, I may have heard this question before.) I listen to both new to me books and books I’ve read before, if they’re ones I’ve read before obviously they *have* to be ones that I’ve loved! I play around with the criteria I have but mainly I just need to like the storyline and the characters. I also like audiobooks that are at least 8 hours or longer because of my commute time.

I loved the Woodlands series so much. Jen can do no wrong when it comes to this series so far for me. What I love about this one is the great points of view we get from both Sam and Gray, that can’t always be pulled off well but here it definitely was. Even better is that in the audiobook the characters are voiced by two different people. I love that so much! It gives so much more depth to the emotions and plot.

Something different between the audio and the regular book I found is that I connected with the characters differently. In the regular book I really loved Sam. She’s a widow whose husband served in the Armed Forces and vows to never get involved with another military man again. I thought her spunk and attitude was great and her hobby of knitting was such a wonderful addition to the storyline. But there was something about the narration of Gray that made me just like him better in the audio. I think Andrew Eiden seemed to embody the character more for me. The camaraderie between Bo, Noah, and Gray in this book was hilarious and exactly what I needed from the guys.

If you haven’t read The Woodlands what are you waiting for!? Listening to it is definitely a great option for you!