Unlikable, terrible characters, and a must read book… sort of…

Winning was an interesting choice for me to review considering this was a genre outside of my typical interests. The unfortunate aspect is that I didn’t actually enjoy it all the way through. In the past, I’ve stepped outside of usual box and was pleasantly surprised by the story. This book is great in that it makes the antihero the main character and actually opened up my mind to the mean girls in high school that I personally came across.

For some reason, Winning started off on a penetrating note, but as the story moved on it became a chore to read. While the different characters frustrated me, I felt a need to continue on to find out what happened to them. The alternating character viewpoints made it most interesting because the movement kept things going and the tension was palpable. The lesbian subplot of the book made a sweet romance between a pair of BFFs.

Overall, the individuals themselves simply weren’t likeable and there were little to no consequences to the mean girls’ actions. To be honest, this may have triggered some issues of my own from the high school days and so the reading of this book is a familiar study of the final four years of school. Looking back, I wondered with all these things in consideration, why would anyone force themselves to read this? Not quite sure.

Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Jules

Title: Winning

Author: Lara Deloza

Release Date: June 28, 2016

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