I’m struggling with this review. There was something missing here but I can’t quite put my finger on what it was.

Lucy Hendricks hasn’t had an easy time since her husband, Jack―a cop―was murdered while on an investigation. There were suspicions that he’d been involved with the local Mafia. This made life unbearable for Lucy, so she moved to Florida to raise her son, Kevin, who was born without ever knowing his father. But 5 years later Lucy is back to pick up the pieces in the same house she and Jack once shared.

The story is told in back and forth flashes between present day Lucy/Kevin and past Jack during his investigation of the dead cop. This way of telling a story typically doesn’t bother me but this time the writing felt disjointed and didn’t flow. The story was interesting but the lack of flow took something away. Kevin seems to have visions and know things he should have no way of knowing about his father. This added a supernatural or paranormal element that I wasn’t expecting so it threw me off. I don’t know if this kind of thing actually happens but I found it unbelievable and odd. I was not expecting this element of the story and I let that taint my feelings for this book.

Overall, this was an interesting read. It kept my attention until the end but it didn’t WOW! me.

I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: Storm Rising

Author: Douglas Schofield

Release Date: November 29, 2016

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