Too often I’m enjoying a story when I begin to feel like I’m not getting the meat and potatoes … just the veggies 🙂 That was the case with Always. When I read the final word and closed the book I knew more details would have enhanced my reading experience. 

Kailey is leaving a restaurant one evening with her fiancé Ryan when she spies a homeless man on the sidewalk. She approaches the man and is stunned when she realizes it’s her first love, Cade McAllister. When Kailey met Cade years ago, their attraction was immediate and intense. But it ended suddenly, leaving Kailey devastated. Now Cade is a faded version of himself since his mind has suffered in the intervening years and Kailey feels compelled to see Cade healed despite what Ryan may think.

Always is told in alternating time periods. The reader visits the past and learns how Kailey and Cade met and fell in love. The reader also visits present day Kailey. She’s newly engaged and trying to move on with her life since Cade has been gone for years. For the most part the story telling is well done. I thought the story was believable and interesting.  

There’s a hint mystery here too in what happened to Cade. Why did he disappear all those years ago? Why is he currently homeless? These questions are answered and left me with a sense of suspense while reading. I was eager to discover what happened to Cade, but minutes after finishing the book I couldn’t remember what caused his current condition! Yikes! I guess it didn’t leave much of an impact?! As I mentioned above, I realized I needed more details in places. This was one of those places. 

The biggest thing I take away from this story is the hardships of the homeless. Living in a small community I rarely come in contact with the homeless. This book highlighted for me that you should not assume what a person’s circumstances are.  That anything could leave a person with no choice but to take to the streets.

Need a romance with a hint of intrigue? Grab a copy of Always. It’s a pleasant read even if this reader wanted just a little bit more. 

I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley.


Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: Always

Author: Sarah Jio

Release Date: February 7, 2017

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