The Royals trilogy by Erin Watt burst on the YA scene last year with a bang and pretty much everyone I know who read them became obsessed with them – me included.  They’re written by the writing duo of Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick, both of whom I adore and have huge fan followings in their own rights so together they were bound to be a huge hit. The tag line of the books were ‘these Royals will ruin you’. And holy crap they DID. Fallen Heir is the follow up to these and THEY DID IT AGAIN. **No spoiler ahead.**

The first 3 Royals books centered around the main characters of Reed and Ella and Fallen Heir finally gives us Easton’s book! And he is exactly the kind of hero I’m not a fan of…spoiled, entitled, and arrogant. But gahhh I can’t explain why I like him so much here. Easton has this vulnerability about him that we caught glimpses of in the previous books that Ella was so good at bringing out in him. It’s really hidden in Fallen Heir for much of the book but those times we do get to see the good qualities in Easton are times when he shines so brightly that I can’t help but loving him.

Then we have Easton’s heroine – Hartley, who is brand new to both Astor Park, and The Royals series. I was instantly intrigued by her and wanted to know her entire story. This writing duo has this knack of giving the readers only the barest hint of a mystery, but doing it in such a way that leaves the readers wanting so much more every time. Easton was drawn into her pretty quickly, but I was right there with him, wanting to know her entire story.

Besides the actual story – which I loved – the authors managed to update us on their awesome side characters. We get details about Ella and Reed of course. But we also get Gideon, Steve, and plenty of Lauren, Sebastian, and Sawyer. I’m always a HUGE fan of side characters and the Royals side characters are amazing and each could have their own book easily.

Full warning – there is another cliffhanger that easily rivals Paper Princess! When I finished I was shouting at my kindle WHAT!? Which is exactly what I was doing after that one…I cannot wait for the next book!!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Fallen Heir

Author:  Erin Watt

Release Date: August 25, 2017

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