I’ve enjoyed numerous Beverly Lewis books, but this one in collaboration with her husband, David, missed the mark with this reader.

Melissa James is in danger and flees for safety. Pursued, she finds longed-for sanctuary in Amish country, but will the community where she chooses to hide keep her safe?

I love a good mystery. Mix it with Christian/Amish fiction and I’m thrilled. However, the combo didn’t work for me in the case of Sanctuary. I was left with more mystery at the end than what I started with.

Most of the story focuses on Melissa and her husband Ryan. I thought it handled well until the end where I felt left dangling over a cliff. The ending of their story wasn’t satisfactory in my opinion. Also, the young Amish lady Melissa stays with, Lela. A love story for her is introduced and that is left dangling as well. I wanted and needed more of an ending to these stories. It was like the Lewis’ were done and simply weren’t going to write anymore. An epilogue would have been nice.

According to Goodreads and Amazon, this book is part of a series. However, conflicting info is given as to which series. The best I can figure is that Amish characters in Sanctuary were mentioned in previous Lewis book(s). This did not change or impact my reading of this story. I knew enough about the Amish characters to satisfy me and didn’t feel like I was missing any key points.

This one blip in the stories of Beverly Lewis won’t stop me from picking up another. When I need another venture into Amish country, I’ll grab a book by Beverly Lewis.


Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: Sanctuary

Authors: Beverly and David Lewis

Release Date: May 2001

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