This book is loosely tied to my BELOVED (and I think widely beloved) The Others series by Anne Bishop. It’s in the same world so I absolutely jumped at the chance to read it – and I mean squealed out loud when I saw ‘The World of The Others’ on the cover. Which BTW is smart marketing and a super easy way to convey to readers that it’s not in the series but it’s in that same world. Which I totally appreciated and for me I got right away what that meant.

This book picks up after the last The Others book left off. The world has always been controlled by terra indigene but now humans are just aware of it – or at least they should be since the Others destroyed the humans that were overtly pretty evil.  When Vicki DeVine takes over a resort in Lake Silence it sets off a chain of events that make the dominant predators pay attention to the behavior in the town; both positive and negative.

What I thoroughly enjoyed about this book right away is what I think some readers might have issues with – how it both sets itself apart from previous The Others books as well as tying itself to it. Like I mentioned above I carefully read the synopsis after seeing the “world of The Others’ on the cover so that I knew what I was getting into. I loved being aware of that world building that had previously taken place. I fully expected to see the Crowgard, Sanguinati, Elementals, and maybe some other form of paranormal beings we hadn’t seen yet and I was not disappointed in the slightest. I saw some initial comments – way before ARCs were going out – about being super disappointed with the book. Now come on people! Give it a chance! There were slight, albeit very slight, glimpses of Lakeside and every single time I got a thrill. I didn’t need any more than what the author gave us – and that’s coming from a huge fan of The Others here.

There are even new terra indigene to be intrigued by here. And I really am. I want more of this new paranormal being so I’m hoping there’s more to be had of Lake Silence. I really enjoyed this new area of this world. There is so much to explore here. Vicki is an unusual main character because she’s so wounded and fragile…almost like Meg from the previous Others books. She has an intense vulnerability but a strength she’s discovering as the book develops – and those lead heroines always are ones that I love. The Others here are just as wonderful as previous books – but I’m particularly intrigued by Julian, with his intuition.

All I have to say is give this a chance. It has amazing world-building, familiar creatures, villains to hate, and heroes to root for. What’s not to love?

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Lake Silence

Author: Anne Bishop

Release Date: March 6, 2018

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