Right away let me say how much I am in love with this cover! The lighting on it is breathtaking and highlights the couple so beautifully. It also give a vague vibe of the setting very well – which is London in a Cirque du Soleil type show. Which is something Parker does so well, create incredibly unique settings that I don’t read much and I really appreciate that!

This is book 3 in Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series and every one has been a bit unusual with unique characteristics. This one has the setting plus characters making it a standout for me. Trix was in the previous book and was in an abusive relationship before so her confidence is not quite the best. She’s a circus artist so confidence is quite important in her every day life when she’s performing. I adored Trix, who had a fiery personality and pink hair. I really liked seeing what Parker managed to do with balancing Trix’s strengths and vulnerabilities so deftly. And her past was not so firmly in the past mentally which was nice to see a heroine have to deal with mental health issues so front and center like this.

The hero, Leo, is just as excellent. They have a history and quite a lengthy one. So this is pretty much second chance and enemies to lovers rolled into one. Leo had so much growth in this book – just like Trix which is something I love about Lucy Parker’s writing. I find stagnant characters boring and what’s the fun in reading that? Also, he’s a makeup artist! That makes two new jobs I hadn’t read before. He’s also black, which is important for 2 reasons. 1, he is ON THE COVER, which I already mentioned I love (and omg I do). Yay for black characters on romance covers! I want to see more of that. 2, he is the hero, not a secondary character. Yay for black heroes! I want to see more of that too.

There is also a very important secondary story line that ties in smoothly to the main one. It deals with Leo’s bratty sister who at first was feeling so flat but by the end is completely a fully fleshed out character with such depth and heart that it just emphasized how much I love this author. And now I want her to have her own freaking book. Now that’s some talent. I can’t wait for more from Lucy Parker!

The amazing art I’ve posted in the review is art that the author had made – I am so in love with it! It was done by Nifty Illustrations and you can find them here at Nifty Illustrations. The bottom picture is all 3 couples – LOVE IT!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Making Up

Author: Lucy Parker

Release Date: May 29, 2018

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