That’s it? Well, that was a disappoint! Those were my thoughts when I finished The Throwaways.

George regains consciousness in his car just in time to watch an unfamiliar house explode and finds evidence of the crime he didn’t commit planted in his back seat. He learns the explosion was a cover-up for three execution-style murders. George was supposed to take the fall, now the killers are hunting him.

When the book began I thought the plot sounded promising, but it wasn’t carried out in a stellar fashion. I felt like some of the story was thrown away (Ha! Ha!), that chunks of the story were missing. Therefore, I found the characters were underdeveloped and there was no depth to the story.

In the end, this book left with me a blah feeling. At no time did I experience butterflies in my stomach because of the suspense. I did find one of the reveals to be a surprise, but it wasn’t enough to save this book for me.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend The Throwaways. However, all readers are not the same, so if this one intrigues you don’t let my review stop you from reading. It could be your next favorite book. It simply wasn’t mine.

My thanks to JKS Communications for the advanced copy of this book.


Rating: 2.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: The Throwaways

Author: LS Hawker

Release Date: January 22, 2019

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