This is going to be an all over the place mini review because I have 1 contemporary romance, 2 erotic romance, and 1 YA. But I figure since I read all of them and I’m not literally making you read the books you guys can handle reading the reviews for the different types of books in one place!

Getting Hot with the Scot by Melonie Johnson has a great setup – with a reporter who is trying to transition into serious reporting and a web-show MC who is trying to transition into actual television meeting in Scotland accidentally. I felt as though Cassie in particular felt a little flat as a character. Logan came off as more three-dimensional, but I still didn’t get a fleshed out version of him. I am, however, very interested in Bonnie and Theo, two of the side characters in this one. 3 Stars.41150549

Passion and Ink by Naima Simone is a fiery, sexy book with serious heart at the core of it. I just started reading this author last year and I’m so happy I did. She has amazing skill at developing characters and angst at the same time as bringing the heat. This book has the two MCs parents married to each other which is not my favorite thing in the world but the author handled it well. 3.5 Stars. 43602151

Captive Desire by Robin Lovett is book 2 of her Captive Desire series and I went into it not having read book 1 and wasn’t lost at all so I always consider that a plus! This was just a complete crazy-pants erotic romance and I loved it so much. The heroine crash lands on the alien planet and is thrown together with an alien who *hates* the human race for a good reason, what could go wrong!? There’s essentially a fated mate thing going on and the heat level is HIGH. I had so much fun reading this and it was exactly what I needed. 4 Stars. 42438601

Brave Enough by Kati Gardner is a completely different kind of book than the above ones – but I read all genres just about! I have complicated feelings about this one since it’s ownvoices from a cancer survivor about cancer and I’m a cancer survivor. I did really love the variety of different representation of disabilities the book had – that was truly lovely to see! There was a lot of talk about a camp for them to go to but then they only spend a tiny, tiny time there, which was kind of odd to me. There is also an overcoming addiction storyline with the hero of the book – so I felt like there was a lot to pack into this but not a lot of background actually given. 3 Stars. 35615200

Reviewer: Melinda

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