Don’t let the Baxter name keep you from reading the latest from Karen Kingsbury. Two Weeks is Elise Walker’s story. While Cole Blake, son of Landon and Ashley Baxter Blake, plays a pretty big role, this book is not a focus on the Baxter family and can be read as a stand-alone. If you haven’t read the 25+ Baxter books prior to this one, starting here will not be a problem.

Cole Blake is months away from graduating high school and going off to college. But as he starts his final semester he meets Elise, a girl who captures his attention from day one. Elise is the new girl in town and soon discovers she’s pregnant. As her and Cole grow close, she shares her secret with him. Undaunted by the news, and in love for the first time in his life, Cole is determined to support Elise.

Will Elise keep her baby or put it up for adoption? Readers are introduced to two other couples as Elise’s story plays out. What role will these couples play in this story? You’ll have to read Two Weeks to find out 🙂

If you follow my reviews, you know Kingsbury is a fave. However, this book was not a favorite of mine, so let’s jump into what I liked and didn’t.

What I liked about Two Weeks were the messages I gathered from its pages. When it comes to Kingsbury books, the message(s) are ultimately what I’m after and they were delivered. The little bits of wisdom I took away from this book were that everyone has a story AND you have to trust God’s timing. Your story will not match mine, but no matter the circumstances, God stands with us. We have to remember that during the hard times, especially when the answers we seek may not be the answers God has for us.

Unfortunately, the things I didn’t like about Two Weeks outweigh those I did.

  1. Having never experienced anything that these characters had, I couldn’t completely feel or understand them. Karen usually manages to pull at my heart-strings, but I didn’t feel that emotional pull this time around.
  2. I would love to have seen the other couples mentioned explored further. I wanted more about the new characters and less Baxters (see #5).
  3. Too many mentions of Liberty University became off putting. I became pretty frustrated that Cole planning to attend LU when he graduated seemed to be mentioned every other page.
  4. Elise’s come to faith moment. I feel like I didn’t get the full faith transformation, as it felt glossed over and abrupt. I’m not saying that accepting Jesus into your life is hard, but that more attention paid here would have been appropriate.
  5. I’m experiencing Baxter family overload and would love to see a book full of completely new and fresh characters.

While I didn’t relate and feel the pull of this story, there are many out there who will. It may leave you sobbing for hours. I believe that life experiences play a huge role in how we respond to books. This review is my opinion and my opinion alone. While Karen will always remain a favorite, every book she writes will not be 5 stars, every book is not going to hit me straight through the heart. If we all loved and disliked the same things, the world would be a less interesting place. So, grab a copy of Two Weeks and dive in. I hope it hits you over the head with emotion!

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book.



Rating: 3.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: Two Weeks

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Release Date: April 9, 2019

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