I don’t like making comparisons, but I’m going to make one anyway 😉 The Whisper Man had an almost Stephen King vibe. Do you know what I mean? A sense that something is coming, creepiness.

After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy believes a fresh start will help him and his young son Jake heal. The death of the wife is where the first senses of creepiness appear in this book. However, that little bit of intensity fell flat. I guess my expectations were too high, that I was expecting something more sinister than I got.

The Kennedy’s new home town has a dark past. Twenty years ago, a serial killer abducted and murdered five residents. Just as Tom and Jake settle into their new home, a young boy vanishes. I don’t usually figure these things out, but I just knew something was going to happen to Jake. While I was slightly surprised by the “bad” guy, the reveal didn’t boost my overall feelings for the book.

This book held a ton of creepy, but ultimately the suspense and intrigue were unsatisfying. A whole lotta talk and not a lot of action, but still an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book.



Rating: 3.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: The Whisper Man

Author: Alex North

Release Date: August 20, 2019


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