I am the crazy cat lady that loves dog books. A book with a cat or dog on the cover immediately grabs my attention. That is how I found myself reading the first book in this new series.

Mason “Mace” Reid trains dogs in human remains detection. He adopts a golden retriever named Vira and begins training her as a cadaver dog. Suddenly, Reid and Vira find themselves hurled into a taxing murder case, paired with determined Chicago Police Officer Kippy Gimm.

I loved the dogs in this book, but I didn’t love Mace. While he did cause me to laugh a couple of times, he also struck me as immature. I don’t recall being given his age, but I would put him in his 30s. He is someone called on by the police for his training with dogs and I expected someone more together, more adult like. He struck me as more teenager, than adult. His personality didn’t fit the person I imagined.

There is a good mystery in the pages of The Finders, but I often thought it was too hard to pull that mystery out from all the instances where I was slightly annoyed with Mace. What kept the rating of this book going any lower than it did were the dogs (of course!) and that the killer was a complete surprise. The mystery and suspense here are good. I love it when the least expected is exactly what happens.

I think animals are amazing and really enjoy books, such as this one, that showcase just that! While I had issues with The Finders; it was a good start to the series. I’ll be checking out the next book to see what Mace and Vira do next.

NetGalley provided me with an advanced copy of this book.



Rating:  3.5 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: The Finders

Author: Jeffrey B. Burton

Release Date: June 30, 2020


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