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Book Review: Glory Bishop by Deborah King

Glory Bishop lives her life in pieces. At work and with her friends, she speaks her mind. But at home, she follows strict rules handed down by her mother. Continue reading “Book Review: Glory Bishop by Deborah King”

Book Review: Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

Tell me already! Those were the words constantly spinning through my mind as I read Last Summer. Continue reading “Book Review: Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale”

Book Review: The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo

A frustrating yet compelling read. A bit contradictory, right? Keep reading and I’ll see if I can’t clear that statement up for you. Continue reading “Book Review: The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo”

Book Review: The First Mistake by Sandie Jones

If you enjoyed Jones’ debut novel, The Other Woman, then you must grab her sophomore effort. If you haven’t read The Other Woman, then you have two books to add to your TBR list. Continue reading “Book Review: The First Mistake by Sandie Jones”

Book Review: Layover by David Bell

Fellow readers, what we have here is another case of that’s it?!  Continue reading “Book Review: Layover by David Bell”

Book Review: Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland

I was thrilled to be finished with this book! Not because it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to talk about it, but because I simply wanted to be done! Continue reading “Book Review: Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland”

Book Review: The Little Tea Shop on Main by Jodi Thomas

This book opened with promise, but that promise didn’t hold throughout the book. Continue reading “Book Review: The Little Tea Shop on Main by Jodi Thomas”

Book Review: Emily, Gone by Bette Lee Crosby

Does every mother hold a deep fear in her heart that one day her child could be kidnapped? I can’t imagine the heartache that parents of missing children must endure. But this story paints just such a picture, in such vivid detail, that I could very easily put myself in their place. Continue reading “Book Review: Emily, Gone by Bette Lee Crosby”

Book Review: The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

This book isn’t non-stop action, but it’s definitely another read that pulled at me from beginning to end. I used similar words to describe a book in a review last week. It fit this book as well, so I decided to use them again 🙂 Continue reading “Book Review: The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth”

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