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Ten Questions with Julia London

Julia London is the award winning, bestselling author of more than thirty romance novels, both historical and contemporary. Her latest novel, Suddenly In Love released this month and as part of the excitement we’re happy to welcome Julia to Ten Questions. Continue reading “Ten Questions with Julia London”

Book Review: Suddenly in Love by Julia London

Title: Suddenly in Love

Author: Julia London

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Dottie

The first in a new contemporary romance series, Suddenly in Love is another winner from one of my favorite authors, Julia London. Continue reading “Book Review: Suddenly in Love by Julia London”

Book Review: Return To Homecoming Ranch

Title:  Return To Homecoming Ranch

Author:  Julia London

Format:  Kindle

I received this copy from Julia London’s street team, “London’s Ladies”, via Netgalley for  an honest review.

Rating:  3.5 stars

Read July, 2014
Reviewer:  Dottie

Summary:  In the second of Julia London’s Homecoming Ranch trilogy, we return to Pine River, Colorado to get to know Libby , another of the Tyler sisters, who have recently been brought together by their father’s death.  Libby, with the aid of her sisters, is trying desperately to figure out how to save their Dad’s run down ranch.  While doing this, Libby is also trying to figure out how to save her own life after a humiliating breakup with Ryan, whose two children she has been raising for the past four years, and loves as though they were her own.  This devotion to the children brings her nothing but trouble, and confrontation with handsome Officer Sam Winters, who is fighting his own demons.  It is inevitable that an attraction is formed between these two.

Review: I’m never disappointed with Julia London’s writing, and this is no exception. She always makes me feel for the characters, whether it be positive or negative. I’ve smiled and shed a tear or two.  I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment in this trilogy to see what happens with not only Emma, the third sister, but also with the rest of the characters from Pine River whose back stories have yet to be completed.

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