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Book Review: After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

Do you enjoy a good plot twist? Then the latest from Lisa Scottoline should be added to your list ASAP! Continue reading “Book Review: After Anna by Lisa Scottoline”

Book Review: One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline

Intriguing from the first page! Things are not always what they seem and Scottoline captures that in One Perfect Lie. Continue reading “Book Review: One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline”

Book Review: Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline

Title: Most Wanted

Author: Lisa Scottoline

Reviewers: Jennifer & Dottie

If you’ve spent anytime on the blog lately you may have noticed that Jennifer and Dottie have written several dual reviews. What else have Jennifer and Dottie been chatting about? Find out at the end of this post. But first. They are back with you today to talk about Lisa Scottoline’s Most Wanted. Both Bookish Ladies were provided with an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for their honest reviews.

Continue reading “Book Review: Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline”

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