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Book Review: Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

It’s very rare that a book keeps me up late reading and if it does then it’s definitely a good one. That was the case with Seeing Red by Sandra Brown. As the clock ticked closer to 12AM, I couldn’t stop until I knew everything. Continue reading “Book Review: Seeing Red by Sandra Brown”

Book Review: Sting by Sandra Brown

I’ve been reading Sandra Brown off and on for years. Her past couple of releases have been on my “I must have it on release day!” list. The same was true for Sting but unfortunately this book didn’t quite live up to what I’ve come to expect from Brown. Continue reading “Book Review: Sting by Sandra Brown”

Ten Questions with Sandra Brown


This week’s Ten Questions features Sandra Brown, author over over 60 New York Times bestselling novels and a favorite of the Bookish Ladies. We were all thrilled when Sandra agreed to this interview Continue reading “Ten Questions with Sandra Brown”

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