This week’s Ten Questions features Sandra Brown, author over over 60 New York Times bestselling novels and a favorite of the Bookish Ladies. We were all thrilled when Sandra agreed to this interview, especially Jennifer.  Before we get to the Ten Questions, here is what Jennifer has to say about this beloved author and her novels. ~jess


I’ve read Sandra Brown off and on over the years. I hate to admit there had been quite a dry spell until I stumbled across her book, Lethal. I loved that book and it started a new love affair with Sandra’s books. Since reading Lethal I’ve tried to get my hand on every Sandra book I could.

Her latest book, Friction released in August 2015 and is quite the page-turner. Here’s my 4* review – Texas Ranger, Crawford Hunt wants his daughter back. Following the death of his wife four years ago he fell into a downward spiral that left his five-year-old daughter Georgia in the custody of her grandparents. But Crawford has cleaned up his act and now the fate of his family lies with Judge Holly Spencer.

Despite Crawford’s obvious love for his child and his commitment to being an ideal parent, Holly is wary of his checkered past. Her opinion of him is radically changed when a masked gunman barges into the courtroom during the custody hearing. Crawford reacts instinctually, saving Holly from a bullet. But authorities apprehend the wrong man, and the real gunman remains unknown, at large, and a threat.

Friction is a fast paced, action packed, page-turner. It kept me on the edge of my seat and my stomach churning … everything a good thriller should do. The story is well written and the characters believable. But there wasn’t the huge twist at the end that I’ve come to expect of Sandra Brown. It becomes pretty obvious who the killer is and I kept waiting to be proven wrong, for the story to take a huge turn and really shock me. I wasn’t wrong and the reason behind the killer’s actions just seemed meh. As I read, I was thinking really? You did this because of that?! This one aspect of the storyline is my one dislike of the book.

Fans of Brown and the genre won’t be disappointed in Friction. Looking for a little romance too? You won’t be disappointed either. I predict Friction will be another winner!

Ten Questions vol. 1 #6  Sandra Brown

Bookish Devices: What is your favorite word?
Sandra Brown: Can

BD: What is your least favorite word?
SB: Can’t

BD: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
SB: Flowers

BD: What turns you off?
SB: Mean-spirited people

BD: What sound or noise do you love?
SB: Laughter

BD: What sound or noise do you hate?
SB: Beeping from an unknown electronic source

BD: If you could have drinks with any author or literary figure, whom would you invite?
SB: Tennessee Williams

BD: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
SB: Floral arranging

BD: What profession would you not like to do?
SB: Dental Hygienist

BD: What would you choose for your last meal?
SB: Chili and Fritos

Sandra, it’s been a pleasure! THANKS for joining us!

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