I’ve always been a reader. However, it wasn’t until I bought my first Kindle (a keyboard) in 2011 that the obsession really started. And it really has become this huge obsession. So much of my time is dedicated to reading and talking about reading.

Goodreads and NetGalley … I had no idea they existed before getting a Kindle. Now I check these web pages multiple times a day. Who knew I would read so much, want to read so much that I would need a way to track what I’ve read, haven’t read, or want to read via Goodreads. I had no idea there were sites like NetGalley out there that would allow me to get books for the purpose of writing a review!

I didn’t know what ARC or dtb stood for. Now you may be wondering what they stand for, right? ARC is an Advanced Readers Copy and a dtb is a dead tree book, a physical copy.

Book signings and autographed books … not something I’d ever considered important before. I now have several autographed books and have attended 3 book signings. Authors are my celebrities!

What really makes reading worthwhile though are the many friends I’ve made because of reading. Some of these people I’ve never even met in person but they are some of my favorite people. I’ve found readers to be the nicest people. Book friends have introduced me to new authors and genres I may never have discovered on my own.

Reading is an escape and something I truly enjoy. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of talking books.

And now I’m contributing to a blog! I can’t begin to imagine where this reading journey will take me next!