Looking for a special gift for the book lover in your life? Need ideas to add to your wishlist? Just looking to buy yourself a present? Well whatever your reason to shop, we can help! This series of posts are a compilation of some of our favorite items sure to please any bookworm.

The first shop on our list is Sparkle Designs. I first discovered Sparkle at New York Comic Con a few years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since building quite a collection of their wonderful book and nerd jewelry. Until recently my shopping has been limited to a once a year purchase at the Con, but I’m happy to say that they just opened their online store and now we can all get our Sparkle fix any time we’d like. Here is a sample of their work. Other fandoms include Outlander, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, Austen, classic children’s literature, and many more.
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If you’re looking for jewelry that’s a little more sophisticated, check out Badali Jewelry purveyors of fine jewelry based on, among other things, some of the most popular fantasy novels around. Their licenses include The Kingkiller Chronicles (yes, that’s a Talent Pipe pin!), The Wheel of Time, The Lord of the Rings, and the works of Jim Butcher and Brandon Sanderson.
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Can’t be parted from your books? Why not wear them?
Litographs takes the text of your favorite books and turns them into shirts, totes and posters that let you literally wear your books. Forgot your book at home? No worries, you can read your shirt! Texts include both classic and modern literature for adults as well as children.
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Is it too cold for a t-shirt? Well then, check out Storiarts, a company who’s specialties include a collection of scarves and gloves printed with passages from treasured classics. I also highly recommend their bookish shirts and their collection of pillow covers.
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I hope this helps you shop for the book lover on your list (or yourself!). If you still need ideas, or you still have some money left to spend check back next week for the next part of Gifts for the Bookish.

*All photographs are the property of their owners and respective websites. BookishDevices is not affiliated with these companies in any way other than being happy prior customers.