I know it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover but what if that cover is really beautiful? Well right or wrong, I’ll admit that the gorgeous cover art on Sonali Dev’s books are what introduced me to this wonderful author. I was late to the party in reading Ms. Dev’s first novel, The Bollywood Affair, only buying after it appeared in my Goodreads recommendations (that cover was hard to resist). I devoured that book (and about a million calories worth of Indian food as a result–read they book and tell me you don’t crave curry. I dare you) and immediately went to add the Bollywood Bride to my Kindle pre-orders. I was riding a book high and was convinced that I’d found a new author to add to my favorites list–I wasn’t disappointed.

The Bollywood Bride introduces us to Ria Parkar a Bollywood actress famous for her “ice princess” personality. Ria has carefully crafted a life for herself that leaves her a relative recluse in the media filled Bollywood world. Little if anything is know about Ria’s past or her family and she is determined to keep it that way but when Ria is obligated to attend a wedding her past comes back full force.

Returning to the Chicago home where she spent summers as a child, Ria is forced to confront the memories of her past and the people she left behind. Ria and Vickram had a childhood friendship that developed into love as they grew older. They dreamed of a future together but their plans were shattered when Ria suddenly left for a career in the Indian film industry. She never told Vickram why she left and upon seeing him again, it is obvious that neither of them have gotten over the breakup. Can Vickram move past his anger and hurt to allow him to see Ria as he did when they were younger? Can Ria find the strength to face her personal demons and to finally let Vickram in to the secrets of her past?

The Bollywood Bride is a wonderfully written romance with just the right amount of gut wrenching angst. But don’t worry, there’s a happily ever after <3.


Title: The Bollywood Bride

Author: Sonali Dev

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewer: Jess

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