Title: Us

Authors: Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Us is the follow up sequel to the hugely successful m/m hockey romance by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy that came out last year. I loved the first book and loved this one too even though they’re both totally different. At the bottom of the review there will be a chance to win a kindle copy of the book!

Personally, I wasn’t surprised at the success of the book because of the awesomeness of both of the authors! This is a sort of New Adult sports setting of a book and I read both authors other New Adult sports setting books so I really had no doubt that the first book would be excellent. I was only surprised at *how* seamless the writing was. Us was no different. I couldn’t tell where Sarina ended and Elle began or which character the authors were writing. I know from talking to them that they actually don’t switch off like that though – they write seamlessly; in that they will literally switch off in the middle of a chapter! That’s astonishing to me.

There’s an old quote my mother once painted on a ceramic platter. Love is friendship set on fire. I get it now.

Us has Jamie and Wes living in Toronto with Jamie as a coach and Wes as an NHL player having an amazing rookie season. But they can’t be out because they don’t want to cause any issues for Wes’s career. They didn’t think it would be as hard as it is to hide. I really liked that this book dealt with a lot of regular life, dealing with how a happily ever after couple actually *deals* with happily ever after. I don’t exactly see a ton of romance books dealing with one of the main characters struggling with his irritation over the others inability to put away his luggage. But it made me laugh and I totally appreciated that struggle!

The struggle that was killing me was the two of them dealing with everything else, but mainly Wes’s fears of coming out and how his team would deal. The portrayal of the pressure he was under and him dealing with the stress of society and expectations felt pretty accurate to me, no matter how much it made me upset.

The one addition to this book that I loved is Blake! This is Wes’s teammate and he is, quite simply, hilarious and fantastic! If this were a different series I’m pretty sure that he would be the next character to get his own book. but as it is his commentary about sheep and pretty much everything else had me cracking up. I’m dying to know who wrote his dialogue! He did show up at inopportune times but there has to be a plot device like that somewhere, right?

I’m like the worst queer dude ever. Somebody pass me the manual!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and think that Sarina and Elle are a dream team together!

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ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.