I love all things Annabeth Albert! Seriously, I just fall in love with her writing more and more with each book and series of hers that I read. Beta Test is definitely no exception to this. I’ve also read a few books in the ‘gaymer’ genre and this genre just works so well for me which is surprising to me since I don’t have much interest in that area. Or maybe I just read really amazing authors!

This author writes heartwarming, emotional, and always so much fun. They’re not overwhelmingly dramatic, but incredibly readable and always draw me in. Beta Test is set at a popular video game developing company where both Ravi and Tristan are working. The two men are polar opposites. Ravi is flamboyantly out, proud, and happy about it while Tristan is, well, not. He’s been taught by his family to keep that side of him under wraps and hidden so other people don’t know.

When the two are thrown together for a huge work project and have to go on a road trip for it. Together. A pair that hates each other being forced together is definitely one of my favorite tropes. Adding a road trip to the mix just makes it even better in my opinion! The tension on the road trip between these two that comes initially from their differences is wonderful. Gradually, over the course of the book it just grows and grows to more of a romantic and sexual tension.

The two characters having the different backgrounds and families made them so realistic, which are my favorite types of characters. It also has a great cast of secondary characters which just makes the book even better. When there’s background characters rounding out the cast a book like that they can make or break it and in this case it definitely just made things better.

This is part of a series but can absolutely be read as a stand alone. I highly recommend this book and really, any of Annabeth Albert’s books!

Rating: 4 Stars

Book: Beta Test

Author: Annabeth Albert

Reviewer: Melinda

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