I read this in a group read and it was so much fun! I really loved the book from the opening scenes and that continues pretty much throughout the book. This is the third in the Ellery College series but can definitely be read as a stand alone as there isn’t much overlap. Both main characters made me love them but for different reasons – which is always a sign for a great book!

I received this ARC from the author in return for an honest review and I was excited to read it from the beginning because I really liked the first two books in the Ellery College series. They’re both pretty unique in their subject matter and the way they handle it. The first deals with a 20 year old genderqueer character in such a wonderful way. The second deals with safe sex and disabilities – which sounds super boring when put like that. But it really, really isn’t. I swear! It’s actually ridiculously hot and very sweet.

And this book is the same – ridiculously hot and very sweet. I was able to read this in a group read which was just so much fun! I highly recommend that if given the opportunity, my friends and I were messaging back and forth constantly with comments about scenes and pictures.

Nick and Josh are such great characters. I simply loved them. Nick is my catnip exactly – tattoos, piercings, attitude – hotness. His attitude comes from dealing with feeling like such a loser in middle and high school. Now that he’s hot and can get whoever he wants, including his crush back then – Josh, he uses his appearance as an armor. Josh is amazing. While not everyone may love Nick, I can’t imagine people not loving Josh! He’s so open and just refreshingly different from so many characters I’ve read in other m/m books. This is the picture that a friend in my group read sent as how she pictured Josh, which made me laugh so hard but was also very accurate:


There is a great light/dark aspect to the characters going on throughout the book, which I loved. The range of emotions the book has – from frustration to happiness to tension – is wonderful. My main favorite thing about the book is the characters but there are some great geeky book things in it I loved too.

There were just a few scenes in the last 1/3 of the book that I wasn’t sure about. Don’t worry – the HEA is strong with this one! But while I get why the scenes were there it kept me from a 5 star rating altogether.

I highly recommend this one!


Rating: 4.5 Stars

Title: Unraveling Josh

Author: Edie Danford

Reviewer: Melinda

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