I’ve never read a Robyn Carr book that I didn’t like. Of course there are some I didn’t like quite as much as others. The Life She Wants is one of those I enjoyed but it doesn’t top my list of favorite Carr reads.

Riley Kerrigan and Emma Shay were like sisters growing up until Riley betrayed Emma, ending their friendship. Emma leaves town and ends up in New York where she meets and marries Richard Compton. But her dream life is shattered when it’s discovered that Richard has stolen his clients’ life savings in a Ponzi scheme. Left with nothing, Emma returns to her hometown to rebuild her life.

The Life She Wants is a lesson in friendship, growing up, letting things go and moving on. Lessons that I can relate to at this time in my life. Each character is likable and the story line well developed. However, although there is closure to each story the epilogue felt rushed especially after the slow pacing of the rest of the book. While I didn’t find a whole lot of drama or suspense in this book, it was a pleasant read and one I’m glad I read.

I received an uncorrected proof of this book from Book Expo America in May 2016.


Rating:  3 stars

Reviewer: Jennifer

Title: The Life She Wants

Author: Robyn Carr

Release Date: September 27, 2016

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