The Goal is the 4th and final book in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy. Well, maybe final, but more on that later. I went back and looked to see ratings of the other books in this series and I was completely unsurprised to see that they were all 5 stars. And the last one is the same thankfully! Elle always shocks me with how prolific she is with her writing because I don’t get how she can write the quantity she does and stay so on top of her game. Yet she does.

I was unsure what to expect with this book because it’s been a while since I read The Score. I usually try to do a re-read right before a new book comes out but I didn’t have the time for this one. So my one actual complaint was with my memory because I was having some issues with having an overlapping timeline when some of the plot points were so important to both books. I couldn’t recall everything that had happened so I kept asking a friend wait, did that happen before? But that legitimately only lasted for the first little bit.

But holy CRAP can Elle Kennedy write a steamy book. Beginning pretty much immediately Tucker and Sabrina had the greatest chemistry in this book. I loved that it started so quickly because I was rooting for Tuck to get the girl from minute one due to that. Tuck is the epitome of sweetest guy ever. Hot, patient, nice to Sabrina’s friends, he is the whole package. I hadn’t paid much attention to him in the previous books because he was the quiet one in a group of friends that was pretty loud. It was excellent to see him shine in this book. And he REALLY shines. We get to see him be there for Sabrina for so much.

Now, I know many readers have problems with Sabrina because she is a very strong and opinionated woman. She’s extremely goal focused and has her eye on the prize which has been Law School forever and ever. She doesn’t want to make time for Tuck because she’s worried about slacking off. I had a different attitude towards her – all of this made me like her even more. Elle did a wonderful job of giving her layers and giving Sabrina this back story that made me want to know more. And the more I knew, the more I loved about her. She was both vulnerable and strong and watching her slowly become able to allow herself to both fall in love with Tuck and to rely on him was so great to see.

Now my only problem is that I have such a severe book hangover! I’ve tried to read like 4 other books since this and nothing looks good and I completely blame Elle.

Ooh – and the side characters in this book are awesome as always. Logan and Garrett are hilarious and they cracked me up. Fitzy is a new one and I am in love with this character! From what I hear he could be getting a spin-off book…I can only hope since I know his book would be yet another 5 star read from Elle.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: The Goal

Author: Elle Kennedy

Release Date: 09/27/2016

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