Ever find yourself wondering what life would be like if walking into your home turned into a haven of satisfaction and positivity?

This book outlines the KonMari Method of tidying up a home. Why review a book on organization? This isn’t just about cleaning or putting things away, it’s an act of living that wasn’t picked up on or observed while growing up. It’s not a class you’ll find in school and is something, if followed as outlined, can relieve many people of the stress of living in a cycle of clutter.

The KonMari principles are very precise and aim for perfection the first time around. This is because if you only tidy small parts of your home every day, you’ll be tidying forever. The results of a cleaning marathon are supposed to be favorable, allowing you to minimize belongings with positive results to your quality of life. Ms. Kondo indicates that the moment you begin this journey you start to reset your life. When your home is organized there is time to focus on more pressing aspects in life. Tidying is a tool to set order and priority to other things.

This book is well-written and comes from a method that instills peace when followed step-by-step. This is a sort of self-help book on discovering emotional ties to things, learning what triggers anger towards others, and how treating your possessions with the respect they deserve will allow you to feel a dramatic life transformation. Putting your home in order and finding a place for all things that bring you joy can truly make a difference.

I’m impressed with how many people I’ve met who have taken on this method and their results. I have the goal to be a convert, but life is busy and time is short.

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Jules

Title: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Author: Marie Kondo

Release Date: October 14, 2014

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