Crazy cat ladies (and men) unite! This book is for you!

When I decided to review this book I wasn’t certain that it would be the kind our audience would appreciate. But then again, I’m working my way up to being an official crazy cat lady being over 40, single, and with four cats and a dog as fur kids, and this book was exactly what I needed for a healthy dose of laughter. Everything in this book is precise; I feel as if it was written for me as a sort of self-help book from someone who knows, really knows, what it’s like to be a fur mom. It’s subtitled Songs, Letters, and Essays by Cats.

The letters are addressed “Dear Human:” and run through some of the most hilarious thoughts that run through a cat’s mind, ending typically with “Forget this at your own peril.” For example, “Dear Human: Stop sticking your finger in my mouth when I yawn. Forget this at your own peril.” This is shorter than many of the letters, essays, and songs, but nonetheless globally understood by cat parents and kids.

What’s interesting about Ms. D’Alessandro is she wrote over 30 romance novels before delving into this project. She felt that the cats that have been in her life were well worth the time to sit down and write about their incredible presence in the family. I just wish I had thought of something so cute and funny to put down on paper to humor and relate to others in my position.

If you’re looking for a way to lighten up and ease your busy or frustrating days, you’ll find that just reading a couple of pages will bring a big smile to your face. Or binge read it one evening before bedtime and you’ll have the best night of sleep with dreams of joy as your furries curl up all over you.

P.S. The author has written a book for dog lovers, “The World is my Fire Hydrant” which I’m looking forward to picking up and reviewing one day down the road.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Jules

Title: The World is My Litter Box

Author: Jacquie D’Alessandro

Release Date: June 10, 2013

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