Trust is book 3 in Jana Aston’s Wrong Trilogy but the first I’ve reviewed on here – mainly because I read them insanely quickly! A bookish friend of mine kept telling me I had to read these and that I would love Trust in particular. When I finally gave in I read all three in as many days because they’re really well-written, laugh out loud funny, but really touching all at the same time. The combination is really unbeatable.

There aren’t a ton of romantic comedy books that I read and love because humor is so subjective and usually the humor is either way over the top or too low-key. The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn is a recent one I loved and Alice Clayton’s Nuts is another that I resisted for some reason and then loved. Chloe and Boyd are just so great that I wanted more of them, it’s one of those rare books that I could read a whole series about this one couple.

Chloe has an obsession with crime that’s entirely endearing but what’s even more endearing is that Boyd finds it endearing as well. (Aaaand that’s the last time I’ll say that word in this post!) She also has the funniest tendency to tell knock-knock jokes when she’s nervous…which happens all the time, like ALL the time. She’s trying to finally learn how to date and get past her social anxiety but most guys do not find her all that adorable when her nerves get the best of her. But Boyd is enamored with her and thinks she’s pretty great right away. Watching the two of them together is really a joy – Chloe is hilariously awkward and Boyd is just all into her from the beginning which is something that I’m always a fan of.

Dating is basically three hours of talking to a stranger, which is stupid, right? I don’t enjoy that. I mean who enjoys that? Who? Who are those people? It’s weird. Dating is weird.

I really enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy and I loved that the characters from those books made nice appearances in this one. But this book was definitely my favorite – awkward Chloe is a woman after my own heart and I will always fall for a guy like Boyd who is unabashedly into the heroine. I highly recommend this book and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to go on my Best of 2016 list!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Trust

Author: Jana Aston

Release Date: November 8, 2016

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