This is a book that I’ve had on my Kindle for awhile and just never got around to reading it for no particular reason. I hate when that happens and with each new release my TBR gets longer and longer so these kinds of books sort of get pushed aside. I finally chose to get to it this past week to see if it’s a series I’d be interested in continuing.

This was a paranormal book with a plot that I normally see which I definitely appreciated! I read a lot of paranormal when I’m in the mood for it so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Especially since I hadn’t read much more than that the main characters have certain types of powers. Well, it turned out that the story followed two different alien races. I haven’t read much in the lines of alien paranormal books so this was at turns surprising and actually really romantic and steamy.

The book takes place on Earth and opens with Gwen, a water elemental Ofarian. The Ofarians and the Tedrans are enemies and no humans know they exist. If one finds out their secret they have to ensure their secret doesn’t get out. Gwen is also a Translator – meaning that she can hear any language and understand and interpret that language immediately. This is incredibly invaluable to The Company, a company of Ofarians that manufactures Mendacia that can glamour anyone to just about anything.

If you can’t tell from that brief overview the world building is great in this book which is important in any book but incredibly key in a paranormal world. Without the world building you can feel so lost and have no idea what is going on at any given moment. This author did a good job of establishing a complicated structure in The Company pretty quickly and then not that long after that explains both alien races and how their histories intertwine throughout the years.

Of course there’s a romance because it’s me and that’s what I like to read. Reed appears early on and I liked him pretty much right away. Reed and Gwen gets a complicated start which is every book plot ever but I did enjoy watching their chemistry develop alongside the main storyline of what was actually happening with the two alien races. I love that this is the first in a series – I already bought the next one!

Rating:  4 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Liquid Lies

Author: Hanna Martine

Release Date: 2012

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