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December 2016

More Gifts for the Bookish

Looking for a special gift for the book lover in your life? Need ideas to add to your wishlist? Just looking to buy yourself a present? Well whatever your reason to shop, we can help! This series of posts are a compilation of some of our favorite items sure to please any bookworm. Continue reading “More Gifts for the Bookish”

A Good Book Isn’t Hard to Find – You Reap the Rewards!

The best things in life are free, and you have a chance to win a book on Amazon. This is my day off from writing a review.
Continue reading “A Good Book Isn’t Hard to Find – You Reap the Rewards!”

Book Review: Trust by Jana Aston

Trust is book 3 in Jana Aston’s Wrong Trilogy but the first I’ve reviewed on here – mainly because I read them insanely quickly! A bookish friend of mine kept telling me I had to read these and that I would love Trust in particular. When I finally gave in I read all three in as many days because they’re really well-written, laugh out loud funny, but really touching all at the same time. The combination is really unbeatable. Continue reading “Book Review: Trust by Jana Aston”

Book Review: Love, Alice by Barbara Davis

Love, Alice has an interesting story telling concept and characters that ultimately tells a story of learning to love and forgive. Continue reading “Book Review: Love, Alice by Barbara Davis”

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