There is something kind of awesome about stumbling upon a book you love. Don’t get me wrong – I completely adore book recommendations – but finding a book and giving it a try and then discovering you love it as you get more and more into it is just one of those experiences that will never grow old. This book was that for me. I found it on the Kindle Lending Library and thought I’d give it a try, and then proceeded to read it all in one setting!

Mariana Zapata is an author who made me appreciate the art of the slow burn romance and this book has that in spades. Plus it’s all about the friend to lovers as well. Leone and Theo are twins looking for a roommate and Jamie happens to move in. The book is genuinely funny and sweet. I cracked up quite a few times at all three of the roommates.

Theo is pretty much clueless but it didn’t drive me crazy – he didn’t quite get to the TSTL category thankfully! I enjoyed the journey that Sunday took him on and felt that the point that we get to seem him clued into the fact that he and Jamie might have feelings for each other was a good one. There was a nice transition from the cluelessness there to a different type of cluelessness.

There is so much that works for me in this book. Leone has a disability that is portrayed with a frankness that I appreciated. There didn’t seem to be any patronizing or hand wringing over it. The relationship between the twins is also pretty great – just a genuinely positive one. The same thing with the families in the book, positive and supportive.

This is a low angst book, with quite a bit of humor and heart. All of which I totally needed right now. I really hope others pick it up because I think a lot of people would love it!

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Leo Loves Sunday

Author: Anyta Sunday

Release Date: December 4, 2016

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