Lauren Dane is one of those prolific writers that I feel like I can name a trope and she has a series or book that contains exactly what a reader may be looking for. Rock Stars? The Hurley Boys! Motorcycles? Ink & Chrome! Small Town? Petal! Menage? Err…there are a few lol. Super strong heroine – take your pick!

Diablo Lake is a magical town, one that has different packs of werewolves living there and witches as well. The magic makes the town incredibly special, therefore the witches are the heart of the town but can be easily overlooked with the powerful and loud wolves of the town at each other’s throats so often. The Pembry and Dooley packs are still clashing which is causing more and more chaos throughout the town. Mac Pembry is ready to take over his pack but is trying to bide his time to conduct a relatively peaceful takeover…which is pretty much impossible in his family. Meanwhile, Aimee Benton, a quietly powerful witch is getting pushed to the point of no return over all of anger in her town and is ready to do something about but wasn’t prepared for Mac at all.

This follow up to Moonstruck was just as good as the first one was for me! I’ve been so ready for great paranormal books again and I loved the first one so much that I was pretty much stalking to see when this one was coming out. Megan Erickson had a great werewolf book recently as well with Daring Fate and with the addition of these two I’m really hoping to see even more.

I really like the connecting threads from the previous book that I assume is going to pull through to the next as well with all of the drama within the town. That goes beyond just the two wolf packs and includes the witches and the various families in the town. That’s the beauty of small town romances – they can be so much more involved than you even realize at first. On top of that, the romance was kind of quiet and intense at the same time. Because of the drama of the town and families I think if there was too much drama between Aimee and Mac it would have been too much for me, but the way it was done gave me the perfect amount. But they still brought the heat of their chemistry to the page and made me believe their romance immediately.

I really can’t wait for the next installment of this. I feel like it’s Dane at her best, and paranormal right there too.

Rating:  5 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Diablo Lake: Protected

Author: Lauren Dane

Release Date: January 23, 2017

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