Do you love noir novels? Do you love the rise and fall of Hollywood legends? Do you like exceptional writing that sucks you in like a vacuum? If you’re like me, read on…

La La Land is the place of aspiring actors and emerging screenwriters sitting in oak-lined bars where classic blondes cross their path. Now stop. You think as the reader the story will take you on the journey of one or more of these characters into success and a lifetime of Oscars. Nope. Fast forward four years (try and say that three times fast) and we discover the now nobody screenwriter, Dante Lee, writing as a blogger under a pseudonym on the entertainment life that he was once promised, but never attained. Does this sound something like The Player circa 1992? It did to me. This book consumed me fast and earnestly. Some might say L.A. Confidential from 1997, but I’m a bit of a quibbler over this. Email me if you want the details.

Hollywood is in a downward spiral due to modern day hacking and attacking of celebrities. Return to our femme fatale, Grace Chase. She’s lucked out and become something of a personality that Dante didn’t. Being the man that he is, Dante couldn’t possibly care less over the scandals posted about Grace; however, he seems to have a soul and comes to her aid. The problem with this is delving into areas of her life that he doesn’t want to and finds out so much more than anyone could endure. What about where all this leaves him? Dante has a reputation as well.

Pasha Adam has a remarkable knack in using his words to engage the reader and provide an escape, albeit a tremulous one, for anyone willing to step into it. I loved how Dante’s character narrated parts of his ongoing life and conceptualized his life into a film. Sad to say, I’ve done this myself. It’s a form of escape in my eyes, and Dante isn’t immune to elusion.

I fell in love with this book. Many of my reviews consist of high praise books, but I’m not one to continue something that doesn’t grab me from the start. Believe me, this book will kidnap you and make you a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Teaser: A Q&A with Pasha Adam will be posted this Friday. Don’t miss it. I was in a dither over some of his responses. Maybe one day he’ll reach out to me and ask to write another review for a future book.

Rating:   5 stars

Reviewer: Jules

Title: Keep Santa Monica Clean

Author: Pasha Adam

Release Date: July 21, 2016

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