Madly is the follow up to Ruthie Knox’s Truly and also is connected to her book About Last Night – which are two of my favorites of hers. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out for ages!

I love Ruthie Knox and I’ve missed her writing – she has an incredibly smart voice and one that’s been lacking in the contemporary romance world. The first book – Truly – came out in 2013, and since then I’ve wanted the follow up to the book. Knox hasn’t put out almost anything since then and periodically I’ve wondered where she is and when her next book was going to be coming out. So when I saw this was out I was looking forward to it and I really enjoyed it.

The plot of this story was unexpected and some of the characters were too. I was not expecting one of the characters to be connected to About Last Night which is my favorite of her books. Winston had been introduced there and Allie is from Truly. I found that connection to be pretty unique to have weave in two completely unrelated books and Ruthie Knox worlds, I wasn’t so sure that it would work but I loved how the story and the characters played out. I did keep wondering at how more more difficult it was for the author to connect not one but two books though!

The book deals with complicated family issues that both Allie and Winston has had to deal with in their past and brings those issues to forefront. I’m a sucker for family drama and Madly brings both Winston’s family drama from About Last Night back in as well as Allie’s. That sounds like it could be too much for this book but Knox does a wonderful job of not letting it overwhelm the characters here.

I was so happy to see this author have a new book out and I hope that new readers discover her books at this point. If you like contemporary romance reading you can’t go wrong.

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Melinda

Title: Madly

Author: Ruthie Knox

Release Date: March 14, 2017

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